State of the Art of the State – a Dysfunctional Machine

Deborah Uhde | Meisterschülerarbeit | 2016 | 11:52 min | 3K | col | ster | En

Ein tète-á-trois:

Was passiert, wenn sich die Maschinerien der naturwissenschaftlichen Präzisions-Messtechnik, der staatlichen Behörde und der Kunstproduktion begegnen?

Technical machines obviously work only if they are not out of order. Desiring machines on the contrary continually break down as they run, and in fact run only when they are not functioning properly. Art often takes advantage of this property by creating veritable group fantasies in which desiring production is used to short-circuit social production, and to interfere with the reproductive function of technical machines by introducing an element of dysfunction.

Gilles Deluze, Felix Guattari, L’anti-Oedipe

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