The Sisyphos-Project

Das Sisyphos-Projekt | Sabine Sellig, Deborah Uhde
This installation took place in an old house on three floors.

It is meant as an athmospherical walk-through parcours, where a fictional maniac left his traces. This character seems to be a lonesome guy, whose interest is concentrated on structuring information. He collected loads of newspaper, cut it in pieces, reorganised and rearranged the small cut-outs with focus on subjects or aesthetical properties of the material.

Three floors are divided in different stages of this concern. A clothesline on which hundreds of eye-catching messages from big newspaper articles are pinned on is leading through the hallway, telling it´s own story by it´s sequential arrangement.

The cellar and the attic are gaining a lot of their athmosphere from the building – the air, the light, the temperature are part of the site-specific installation. In the apartment, a more abstract material-based examination takes place. This place works as an interchange of the other levels.

A special attention is caught by the different dimensions of perception – either makro or mikro-level of (information) traffic.

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