2017 | 06:42 min | HD | 16:9 | col | stereo | ger/enThe Cluster

Deborah Uhde | 2017 | 06:42 min | HD | 16:9 | col | stereo | ger/en

(S) EMAF, European Media Art Festival Osnabrück
(G) OFF, OVER & OUT, Montagehalle Berlin Wedding
(E) SYNDROME, Schwartzsche Villa Berlin
(G) ORTEN, Galerie im Höhmannhaus Augsburg


Deborah Uhde‘s work raises the question of how the world works and to what extent science can actually explain the functioning of life. Systematically, she works out a blind spot by letting fiction and reality melt together. […]Constantly the subject matter of the film is about cosmic structures and organic meshes. The viewer is tempted to want to understand everything and spending the same amount of awareness to every single view. […]The philosopher Karl Popper says that the truth of one theory can never be definitively proven, but only its similarity to the truth.We may not know anything about the clusters of this world.The reality in which we walk dreamlike can be declared wrong again at any time. It is the science that strives for a supposed objectivity, and it is the art that dares to sneer at this objectivity in the face.

Stefan Ewald
extract of the catalogue text SYNDROME