back ande vor | John D´Arcy & Deborah Uhde | 5:33 min | HD | 16:9 | colour | stereo | ger/en

(S) Medienwerkstatt Hannover
(S) Poesie-Nacht, Screening im Literaturhaus Salzburg
(S) Mitte Media Festival, Fata Morgana Galerie Berlin
(S) Teatro Villa Torlonia Rom
(S) Director´s Lounge, Z-Bar, Berlin
(S) Mini DocLab, Art House Saigon, Ho-Chi-Minh-City
(S) Art Visuals&Poetry Film Festival, Wien
(S) Lawrence St Workshops, Belfast
(S) hanoidoclab, Hanoi Center For The Moving Image, Hanoi
(S) Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart
(S) Video Screening @ High Performance, Schützenbahn, Essen
(S) up-and-coming, Kino im Künstlerhaus Hannover


A meeting point. A missing point. A conversation at the border of languages.
Cooperative work with John D´Arcy.

Kalbe | Deborah Uhde | 2015 | 29:18 min | HD | 16:9 | stereo | colour

2017 (S) Medienwerkstatt Hannover
2016 (S) Berliner Liste
2015 (S) Int. filmfest braunschweig
2014 (G) (installative version) Home Street Home, div. places, Braunschweig


Within the exhibition Home-Street-Home Deborah Uhde offers insight into her film with a video-installation in which she shows a sequence of her current documentary project. Since her summer residency of 2014 in the artist village of Kalbe she has been working on this particular documentary series. On the basis of an interview with a contemporary witness on escaping Germans from the former Eastern Prussia at the end of World-War II, Deborah Uhde is reflecting on the practice of memory. The interviewed woman experienced the political turns of the war as a child. Uhde entangles the biographical story perceived as a voice-over with current static recordings of the woman‘s various life stages in the town of Kalbe. In this way, the viewer is vividly caught up by the past.
History and current events overlay and complement one another. […]

Stefanie Matjeka
about the installation Home-Street-Home | Kalbe

The Cluster | Deborah Uhde | 2017 | 06:42 min | HD | 16:9 | col | stereo | ger/en

(S) EMAF, European Media Art Festival Osnabrück
(G) OFF, OVER & OUT, Montagehalle Berlin Wedding
(E) SYNDROME, Schwartzsche Villa Berlin
(G) ORTEN, Galerie im Höhmannhaus Augsburg


Deborah Uhde stellt mit ihrer Arbeit die Frage, wie die Welt funktioniert und inwieweit die Wissenschaft dieses Funktionieren tatsächlich zu erklären vermag. Systematisch arbeitet sie einen blinden Fleck heraus, indem sie Fiktion und Realität zusammenlaufen lässt und somit Wissenschaftlichkeit behauptet, wo keine zu finden ist.
Der Philosoph Karl Popper sagt, dass die Wahrheit einer Theorie nie endgültig bewiesen werden kann, sondern lediglich ihre Wahrheitsähnlichkeit.

Stefan Ewald
Auszug aus dem Katalogtext SYNDROME

2017 | 06:42 min | HD | 16:9 | col | stereo | ger/enThe Cluster

Deborah Uhde | 2017 | 06:42 min | HD | 16:9 | col | stereo | ger/en

(S) EMAF, European Media Art Festival Osnabrück
(G) OFF, OVER & OUT, Montagehalle Berlin Wedding
(E) SYNDROME, Schwartzsche Villa Berlin
(G) ORTEN, Galerie im Höhmannhaus Augsburg


Deborah Uhde‘s work raises the question of how the world works and to what extent science can actually explain the functioning of life. Systematically, she works out a blind spot by letting fiction and reality melt together. […]Constantly the subject matter of the film is about cosmic structures and organic meshes. The viewer is tempted to want to understand everything and spending the same amount of awareness to every single view. […]The philosopher Karl Popper says that the truth of one theory can never be definitively proven, but only its similarity to the truth.We may not know anything about the clusters of this world.The reality in which we walk dreamlike can be declared wrong again at any time. It is the science that strives for a supposed objectivity, and it is the art that dares to sneer at this objectivity in the face.

Stefan Ewald
extract of the catalogue text SYNDROME


State of the Art of the State – a Dysfunctional Machine

Deborah Uhde | 2016 | 11:52 min | HD | 16:9 | col | stereo | en

(S) Alles auf Anfang, Ost-Passage Theater, Leipzig
(S) Screening im Pögehaus Leipzig
(S) Ace House Collective, Yogyakarta
(S) Medienwerkstatt Hannover
(S) Lampentotalverdampfung Wien
(S) Directors Lounge Z-Bar Berlin
(S) Screening @ International Film School Saigon, Ho-Chi-Minh-City
(G) Meisterschüler-Ausstellung, Raumlabor, Braunschweig


Deborah Uhde‘s piece „State of the Art of the State – a Dysfunctional Machine“ seems to be made of pieces of information about a space in a very different way. Views of a science campus, the „physikalisch-technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig“, are being combined on a double screen and edited in associative ways. The rhythm of the pictures is slow and seems to follow the pace of a documented research, the cataloguing and search for art on the campus as the subtitles state. However, we rarely get to see art, at least no paintings or sculptures but strange constellations of buildings, containers, rulers, marks and construction signs, any of which could be part of some art project but very unlikely is so. The one object that looks very much like a modernist sculpture, a steel object that combines spheres and poles, apparently is an object for measurement as the viewer is informed by subtitles. Deborah‘s film thus combines spatial views in a poetical and rhythmical way, but then it seems, she rather asks the viewer to critically engage and make their own distinctions between aesthetic and utilitarian spatial use.

Klaus Eisenlohr
Director´s Lounge




Sommerkino 2013 im Kunstverein Braunschweig
Vorfilme der Filmklasse

Indonesienabend der Filmklasse beim Rundgang 2012
mit Meike Redeker

Filmclub im Institut für Kunstgeschichte Leipzig
mit Alla Schnell und Gottfried Binder



Ich Ich Ich – Gruppenausstellung im raumLABOR 2012
Kuration: Luisa Puschendorf, Julia Wehrhahn, Delia C Jürgens, Gabriel Rosas Aleman, Christopher Wierling, Deborah Uhde

sind gerade vorbeigegangen – Fotografieausstellung mit Matthias Weiker in der Fakultät für Kunstgeschichte Leipzig 2008
Kuration: Ilka Hausmann, Deborah Uhde