Ene Mene Mu

Deborah Uhde not only talks about her father’s illness and the difficulties she had as a child and adult in dealing with it and somehow in maintaining the relationship, but also reflects on the mode of memory and narrative. About the sense and nonsense of the search for meaning in pictures. About the helplessness with which one uses such auxiliary constructs to make something incomprehensible tangible.
 Anna Bauer (full text/German)
Deborah Uhde | 2013 | 19:40 min | HD | 16:9 | stereo | deutsch

(S) Director´s Lounge, Z-Bar, Berlin
(S) Pocket Embassy Geneva Edition, EofA, Genf
(S) Die Filmklasse im Medienhaus Hannover
(G) Primat des Privaten, Peiner Kunstpfad, Malerhof Voigtholz
(S) Bremer Kunstfrühling Bremen
(S) selected show on blinkvideo
(S) Internationaler Sommercampus Kalbe
(S) extra experimental trails, Cineding, Leipzig
(S) filmfest, Universum Filmtheater, Braunschweig